Analyst: Apple will dominate 5g smartphone market in 2020

Release time:2019-11-21

In the afternoon of January 18, according to foreign media reports, Apple's iPhone series is expected to adopt 5g communication connection in 2020. With this transformation, Apple will become the leader in 5g smartphone shipments, according to the latest report released today by strategy analytics. The company predicts that Apple will become the market leader after the launch of three new 5g iPhones next year.

Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytics, commented: "apple does not currently have 5g phones in its product portfolio, but it can surpass the current 5g market leaders Samsung and Huawei - which sounds counterintuitive." but next year, there will be three new 5g models, and apple can take 5g hands next year just by matching the upgrade speed of the new iPhone models The leadership of the machine market. "

At present, Samsung is "the undisputed leader of 5g smart phone market". Strategy analytics expects Samsung to suffer as both apple and Huawei will adopt 5g technology in the next year and each will dominate in the US and China.

Over time, however, the company expects Samsung to regain its 5g crown. Specifically, with the expansion of 5g technology to low-end price, "in spite of Apple's strong performance in the 5g market in 2020, in the long run, Samsung will regain the title of 5g. As more and more markets turn to 5g, Samsung will take the majority share in more price ranges with its dominant position in the whole smartphone market and a broader 5g device portfolio. "

Reports and analysts say Apple will bring 5g connectivity to the entire iPhone flagship product line next fall. The company is likely to use a Qualcomm supplied modem, but it continues to work on building its own internal modem.

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