BK Series✅Silicone Black✅Press Suction Cup✅Release Button on the back of the Holder✅Fixed Bottom Tray with silicone protection

Commodity Description
  • 【Classic Endures: Go Boundless with VANMASS PRO】Since 2018, VANMASS PRO version has undergone 8 types routine experiments in every batch. With mind-blowing sturdiness and revolutionized simplicity, 6,500,000+ car owners chose us.

  • 【A Touch of Luxury - Protective Airbag】 The silicone layer design of VANMASS defies limits of protection, with outstanding shock-absorbing ability. The surfaces are covered by the best-in-class silicone, which enables ultimate protection by bionic hand-hold design.

  • 【Next-generation Sturdiness: Anti-ageing Material for Superlong Lifespan】 We choose the king of plastic PTFE, which has passed 4500+ professional drop tests and no damage from the 8 Ft drop fall, and features incredible stability and security. Say goodbye to flimsy product, VANMASS Pro aim to offer you royal driving pleasure with high-class products.

  • 【Take stability to New Level: Certified 60 lbs Suction Cups】We announce 60 lbs load, for the stability of the suction cup has world-leading CP65/ REACH/ ROHS safe certifications. This redefined product presents remarkable stability during extreme weather (-40~194℉) in 5000+ material experiments. It is also eco-friendly - reusable, guard you and the earth.

  • 【Elegance in details: Smoother Operation】 Timely and handy design are our timeless pursuits. Thanks to your voices, we upgraded it to (1)engaged-gears for 2x smoother clamps. (2) a 10% wider tray for easier charging. (3) Backside button that won’t be blocked by big phones.

  • 【A huge step forward: Steel-Cored & 3-Level Adjustable Vent Clips】 We reinvented the air vent clip to strike a perfect balance between lightness and sturdiness. 25% lighter than the original version, the refined vent clip has a built-in steel core to ensure sturdiness and free you from the anxiety about falling off.

  • 【A Tailored Fit for Your Phone】It's designed to hold all your family and friends' phones. Our product is suitable for 4"-7" screen, which means all iPhones, all Samsung smart phones EXCEPT Z flip are available, and, Motorola, Google, Sony, Pixel, etc mainstream phone models are all included.

  • Attention please: 1. leather dashboard is not suitable for all suction cups products, windscreen/vent clips is recommended. 2. Uneven/texture dashboard are suggested to be used windscreen/vent clips as instead. 3. Our vent clips is for horizontal vent blade only.